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Nov 17, 2022

Managing your firm has just become easier with Karbon Practice Intelligence’s newest workbook. Karbon Practice Intelligence is more than a reporting tool, it helps you focus on the insights that matter most.

Karbon Practice Intelligence workbooks

To date, we have released multiple Karbon Practice Intelligence workbooks that support you in managing your firm. The newest addition measures work outstanding.

A mock up of a work outstanding report generated using Karbon Practice Intelligence.
A work outstanding data visualization mock up using Karbon Practice Intelligence

Need to know how much work is left to complete in the coming days, weeks, or months? Or, more importantly, if the workload is well-balanced amongst your team members and is able to be completed on time? The Work Outstanding workbook helps you answer these questions quickly and easily–before work becomes overdue. 

Firm owners, managers, and team leads can quickly see the work remaining and how it’s distributed across your team (work items, tasks, and budget hours). This provides the ability to balance workloads or reassign responsibilities so work is prioritized, which saves you both time and effort when managing your work.

An example work outstanding workbook that can be generated using Karbon Practice Intelligence. There are a series of graphs that illustrate an accounting firm's performance across their outstanding work.
An example of the work outstanding workbook report in Karbon Practice Intelligence

Rather than navigating through unorganized information, or creating your own extracts of data to support your standups, this workbook focuses on the work that needs your attention or is at risk of not being completed on time. 

As with all of the new workbooks, you get access to your data through KPI. This newest release means there is a new table available in your Snowflake account. The Work Item Internal Task Details is now available and provides you with a snapshot of all your tasks. This allows you to gain better insight into the work distribution across team members at more granular levels. Our help article will guide you through getting access to this table in existing KPI Workbooks.

The other suite of workbooks includes:


Stay on track and under budget by measuring performance, including tracking both time and costs against each work item budget. This provides the ability to manage ongoing work and identify where you are close to going over budget, so you can intervene before it’s too late. It also helps you analyze work over budget and understand both the impact and root causes.

A budget report with graphs and tables that illustrate an example accounting firm's budget reporting, including their budgeted hours, actual hours, hours over budget, and cost over budget.
An example of a budget workbook generated from Karbon Practice Intelligence


Understand your emails from both a volume and response time perspective by filtering out the noise so you can see insights into your high-volume clients. This workbook also provides a true measure of your response time to and from your clients, meaning you can effectively measure your service level agreements while also understanding how effective clients are at getting back to you.

A series of graphs and tables that illustrate an example accounting firm's email usage.
An example of an email report from an accounting firm generated from Karbon Practice Intelligence


See your time data how you need it. This is flexible and provides you with the means to aggregate your data based on the attributes that make sense for you. Whether that’s the individual raw time entries or an aggregate view by week, client, user, work type, role, task type, or work item, this workbook can answer all your time-related questions.

A series of data visualizations about an accounting firm's performance across non-billable hours, billable hours, and billable time utilization.
An example of a time report using Karbon Practice Intelligence

If you’re not already using Karbon Practice Intelligence, speak with your Customer Success Manager or Sales Executive to learn how KPI can help your firm excel.

Previous releases

If you missed an update, you can still see a list of what we released in Karbon. For API releases, see the Karbon Developer Center.

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