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May 7, 2018

Today we introduce one of most significant changes ever to Karbon—a revolutionary new way to share emails and collaborate with your team. 

Email comments

Email comments allow you to add notes against any email in Karbon. You can notify chosen team members to bring them into the conversation and carry out discussions right where they make sense. This is a brand new way to communicate, collaborate and work more effectively as a team.

To learn more, read our guide and watch the demo video of email comments in Karbon.

Along with the introduction of email comments, we're introducing some other related changes.

Edit email subjects

Now, whenever you forward an email you will have the option to edit the email's subject.

Colleague's tab

A new tab on every email shows you every person on your team who is able to view that email.

Opt-in or out of comment notifications for an email

If you are an active participant in the email thread or comments, you will be notified of any new comments made on that email. You have the option to turn these notifications off (but you'll still be notified when a team member @mentions you), and you can opt into notifications for public emails that you are not already a part of.

Email assignment notifications

Rather than receive a dedicated Triage notification when you are assigned an email, the email will appear in your Triage with a pink assignment label attached to it.

Email splitting

If you forward an email, it will automatically be split into a new conversation. This is useful if you want to attach the email to more than one work item.

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