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March 18, 2019

Today we have released more than 10 different updates and enhancements across the Karbon product. These address a bunch of customer requests and some common frustrations.

Auto share your emails to and from contacts

We've introduced a new setting to share all your emails with any contacts in Karbon. This saves you from needing to adjust the setting each time a new contact is added, and is a great way to take full advantage of the visibility Karbon provides across email communication.

When you turn this setting on, your emails with all new and existing contacts will be shared with your team on that contact's timeline. There is an exception—if you have previously chosen to turn off the sharing of emails with that client's email address, it will not be turned on again. 

For now, only you are able to update this setting for yourself. You can find it in your user profile—just click your name in the main menu.

If you don't want to auto share email with a particular client, just update the sharing settings specifically for that contact.

Choose what email address your client tasks will be delivered to

If a contact has more than one email address, you can now select exactly which one your client tasks will be sent to. No more guessing, no more tasks or requests going to the wrong inbox. Simply search for the contact like normal, and your picklist with include email addresses that have been saved for that client.

Confirmation before losing a comment or note draft

If you are editing a note, or a commenting on a note, and click out of it before clicking Save, you'll now see a modal just to confirm that you definitely want to discard what you've written. This avoids any chance of accidentally losing the words you've carefully put together.

Confirmation before deleting a task section or a parent task

If you delete a task section or a parent task that contains sub-tasks under it, you'll see a similar modal confirming you want to delete it and lose the tasks that are listed under it.

Other changes and enhancements

  • You're now unable to save empty tasks.

  • Performance improvements to Triage mean that new emails, comments and other notifications will appear quicker.

  • A clean-up of notifications means that you'll no longer receive duplicate items in Triage when you are mentioned in multiple comments on a thread.

  • Client Task notifications have also been cleaned up. The Completed and Comment notifications are now merged into a single one. Also, if a comment on a Client Task is unread, that's what you'll see. If it's read, you'll see the most recent update instead.

  • If you try to invite a colleague whose email address is already used by a contact or user, you'll now see a much more helpful error message.

  • Large images now display much more nicely in comments or notes.

  • Any files added to a Note that is part of a work item will also be listed in the Recent Documents of that work item.

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