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June 8 2017

Today we have released the following updates to Karbon:

Email improvements 

When you expand an email in Karbon, you’ll notice a new info-tray to the right of the email. The info-tray makes it easy to assign and reassign the email, update its status, and see exactly which work or contact timelines an email has been added to. ​​

Additional fonts

We have added more font options for formatting your email. These are all web safe fonts, which will ensure the emails you send using any of these fonts will look  the same for your client, no matter what email provider, device or operating system they are using when they read it. Learn more about why we use web safe fonts

Attend an online training session

In Help & Feedback you will see a new link to our training webinars. If you’re new to Karbon, we encourage you to register for an upcoming session.

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