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June 2, 2019

Today’s Karbon update includes changes and enhancements to give you greater flexibility and control over your workflows.

New section in settings: Workflow

You’ll find a new section in your Settings called ‘Workflow’. This is where you will now find and adjust preferences for your workflow statuses, task statuses, work types and automators—everything you need to customize the way your team works.

Set task statuses by work type

If you work in a business that has multiple teams and departments using Karbon, you most likely have completely different workflows from one another.

Previously, you could choose what statuses can be used for work items that have been assigned a certain work type, but that level of customization now extends to the tasks within those work items. This gives you the flexibility to map out and define specific workflows for marketing, accounting, onboarding, HR, or any other function in your business.

Learn more here.

Contact name field changes

The name field on contacts has been changed from one field for the full name, to separate fields for First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.

All of your existing contacts have been migrated over to this new format—however, the only place you'll notice this change is in the Details section of each contact. This won't impact how contacts appear in any lists views or name displays.

Setting to choose how your contact names appear

One of the advantages of the new contact fields is that you can now select how contact names appear. A new setting allows you to choose the name display (First, Middle, Last OR Last, First, Middle).

Contact Settings

The Contact Types page in your setting has been renamed to Contact Settings.

Client Task visual changes

We’ve heard some feedback that clients sometimes aren’t aware that the Client Tasks they receive can be expanded if they want to upload a file or add a comment. To make this clearer, we have made some small tweaks to what they see when they access their tasks.

Translation of your Client Tasks app for your clients

Parlez-vous français? If you are on the Enterprise Platform and speak a language other than English, we can now customize the Client Task platform that your clients see, so that it is in your local language.

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