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July 14, 2019

In today's Karbon update we have added hovercards that display helpful details about who sent you an email, the ability to source much of these details automatically, and an additional filter to Triage for your unread items.

Contact hovercards

When you're reading an email, you can now see the most important details of the sender at-a-glance. Just click on the sender to display a hovercard showing fields such as role, company, address, phone number, social profiles and more.

Auto-populating contact data

Some basic information for contacts will now be automatically populated in many cases. Based on the email address, Karbon will search for the image and basic details including description, role, location and social profiles.

Triage unread filter

To make it easier to sort through your Triage, you'll see a new filter for unread items. Selecting this will show any items that you haven't looked at yet—including emails, @mentions from colleagues and work assignments.

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