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August 9, 2020

Today we are launching some visual enhancements and other changes in preparation for a big update coming soon.

Work view visual changes

Your Work Kanban and List views now look slightly different.

Changes include:

  • A fresh, white background

  • Clearer text outlining aggregates for work items, budget and estimated time

  • The option to show budgets for each column has moved to the Sort & Filter menu (in the same place as you show/hide empty columns or completed work)

  • The assignee avatar image has moved to the top right of the Kanban Work card

These changes are all in preperation for something much bigger coming soon — Time & Budgets.

We are now beta testing this new functionality, which will allow you to estimate and track what jobs are on-budget, allocate resources, charge services appropriately and uncover new performance insights.

In the coming weeks, we will begin rolling Time & Budgets out to all customers. If you would like to be considered for early access, please register your interest.

More control when a team member leaves

When you archive a colleague from your Karbon account, you can now choose to reassign all of their uncompleted Automators, Client Task Emails and Client Team Roles to another staff member, as well as their Tasks, Notes, Emails and Work items.

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