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August 8, 2016

Today we’ve released the following updates to Karbon:

Keyboard shortcuts
To speed up creating new Contacts, Emails, Notes and Work, and opening Global Search, we’ve added these shortcuts that will work any time you press the key outside of a text input field:

  • New Contact (press C key)

  • New Email (press E key)

  • New Note (press N key)

  • New Work (press W key)

  • Open Search (press S key)

More Work overview updates
We’re continuing to improve the Work overview page by:

Introducing a progress bar so you can track how far along each checklist is

Quick way to update work status and due dates from the Work list view


Due Date 

A new options menu when you click or roll over the avatar

Client Identifier field
On People and Organisation contacts we’ve added a Client identifier field. You can find this under Accounting Details, in the section called “Basic”. You can even search for the contact by their identifier number. Just type it into the Global search or the Contacts overview page search.

Update to assign icon in Triage
We have updated the “Assign” icon in Triage

Coming next
The ability to sort and filter your To-do list!

Get started with Karbon today.