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April 10, 2017

Today we released the following updates to Karbon:

Client tasks

We’re in the final stages of development for Client Tasks which will allow you to assign tasks to your clients. We’ll be rolling this feature out a couple of customers at a time, please stay tuned for updates.

Renamed checklist to Tasks

As part of adding Client Tasks to Karbon, we have renamed checklist to “Tasks”.

Preview email attachments before sending them from Karbon

If you want to double check that you’ve got the correct file attached to your email, you can now click on any attached file to open and preview it before you hit send.

Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve updated the keyboard shortcuts—now you will need to  press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) ahead of the letter. Be sure to try them out:

  • Alt + C for a new Contact

  • Alt + E for a new Email

  • Alt + W for a new Work

  • Alt + S to open Global Search

Get started with Karbon today.