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25 January 2016

We have released the following new features today:

New Work section
We have consolidated planned, waiting, completed, and in progress work into one section.  With this new view you can see all work across your practice before diving into each one by status.

Accounting details for people
You can now capture extra details for your clients such as tax numbers, birth dates and legal name. Also, you’ll be able to connect people who have relationships (e.g. spouses). This is great for any client who you do personal taxes for.

Global add menu has been moved to the top menu
We have moved the global add menu to the top header in order to improve the mobile experience.

South African accounting details
For our South African customers, we have added the ability to add accounting details for South African organisations and people.

A couple smaller updates include:

  • The ability to upload zip files to emails and work

  • Ensuring html links work in all emails 

  • The ability to copy and paste in large checklists

Get started with Karbon today.