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22 February 2016

Today we have released the following updates to Karbon:

New Triage notification for notes 
If someone replies to a note you created or are a part of, you will now receive a triage notification even if you were not @ mentioned.

New read/ unread state in Triage
To help distinguish between read and unread items in Triage, all unread items are white and read ones are grey.

Improved visibility of Triage items attached to work and contacts
When looking at collapsed notes and emails in Triage, you can now easily see if they are attached to work or contacts, and click on the direct link that will take you to them.

Contact suggestion when spinning work off an email
When adding an email to new work, Karbon will now pre-populate the contact saving you time from having to search for it. 

Update to expanded checklists
We have updated the way an expanded checklist item looks. This is the first of many improvements we’ll be making to checklists based on customer's feedback.

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