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Streamline and standardize your team's workflow.

Run your team your way with Karbon’s workflow, project and task management. Manage work on-the-go, plan ahead, assign it to your team, keep up-to-date with progress, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

A visual snapshot of everything across your team.

Know where every job stands. Your Kanban board is the ultimate view of each work item that matters to you at any given time.

In one single view you can track the progression of jobs, identify bottlenecks, and ensure nothing is falling through the cracks, with complete confidence that you have the full picture.

Workflow Efficiency Visibility 2x

Template common workflows to standardize your processes.

Work in Karbon is driven by standardized templates, ensuring processes don’t break and quality is maintained as your team evolves and your business grows. 

Customizable statuses, job roles and work types empower your staff to tailor processes to suit the way your team works, streamlining your workflows like never before.

Workflow Efficiency Template Processes 2x

Automate recurring work creation for your clients with schedules.

Don’t waste any more time on low-value admin. Set recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules so that no future client job is missed, no matter how far in the future is planned.

With Karbon, everyone knows every task they need to work on today and what’s coming up next—from every team member to every client.

Workflow Efficiency Automate Schedules 2x

Workflow Management Features

Work Templates

Standardize your common processes and workflows in customizable templates.

Client Tasks

Collaborate with clients and bring them into your workflow with automatic requests.

Kanban Board

View and optimize all of the jobs going on across your team.

Work Filters

Hone in and view the work that is most important to you.

Time & Budget Estimates

Estimate time and budget for every job to help make better-informed decisions.

Activity Timelines

Automatically compiled history of all emails, notes, tasks and activity relating to a job.


Work tasks and subtasks ensure everyone knows their own responsibility.

Document Storage

Files and client documents automatically stored and organized.


One single place for your team to work together, with everything at their fingertips.

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