Work Management Software for Accounting Firms

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ROI with Karbon

Firms using Karbon save, on average, $16,688 per employee, per year. Find out what your return on investment could be.

Your Business Details

Cost Savings Per Employee

Time Saved630 HoursPer Year
Cost Savings$21,899Per Employee
Increase in Revenue$28,154Per Employee

Cost Savings For Your Business

Time Saved189000 HoursPer Year
Cost Savings$6,569,567Per Year
Increase in Revenue$8,446,235Per Year
Cost of Karbon$284,400Per Year

Net Positive Change For Your Business

Top Line Change$8,161,835Per Year
Bottom Line Change$6,285,167Per Year

Calculations based on Karbon Business Research 2018 reported results of 14.05% increase in revenue per employee and 10.2 hours per employee per week in time savings.