Karbon Practice Intelligence

Data-driven decision making across every level of your firm

Uncover critical business insights, align around common goals, and bring clarity and confidence to your firm.

A chart showing the comparison between budgeted and actual hours over a period of three months.

Track business performance

Analyze trends and answer fundamental questions about performance, productivity and more. Know your strengths, weaknesses, and keep your firm moving in the right direction.

Image of the user interface for performing a database query.

Gain key insights

Convert data into well-structured, analyzable insights with pre-modeled datasets for work items and time entry analysis. Data is refreshed daily to keep the entire business informed.

Image of a reporting dashboard, with visually abstracted data presented in multiple ways.

Empower your firm with BI tools

Explore data visualization easily with your Business Intelligence (BI) tools using reliable, reusable, and trustworthy data from Karbon.

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Access the Karbon Data Warehouse

Connect your Karbon Data Warehouse powered by Snowflake, or a new secure connection through Karbon to uncover holistic business insights.

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Visualize your data

Export and manipulate data from Karbon in ways that meet your needs through Power BI and Excel Power Query.

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Make accurate decisions

Take the guesswork out of business decisions with centralized and up-to-date information informed by relevant actionable insights for improved financial performance.


Karbon Practice Intelligence
Pre-modeled performance data for your firm, cloud hosted and refreshed daily.
Query Builder
Query your data directly in Karbon and export your own data sets.
Included Data
Includes up to 1,000 Work items and 10,000 Emails per year.
Power BI Connector
Connect and visualize your data in PowerBI.
Excel Power Query
Connect and visualize your data in Excel.
Data Warehouse
Access to a full data warehouse and add multiple data sources.
Additional Data
Add usage-based data packs to scale with your firm.
Additional Data Pack
$99/Month (per pack)
Each pack includes an additional:
  • 1,000 Work items per year*
  • 10,000 Emails per year*
*Calculated over a rolling 12-month period

I’m really excited about what Practice Intelligence can do for our firm. We’ve already eliminated manual data-entry tasks, automated core reports, and have full visibility of all our data in a way that’s actually usable.

Steffen Hoyemsvoll, Ecommerce Accountants
Portrait of Steffen Hoyemsvoll

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