Karbon to Plan Work

Plan with insight and accuracy.

Confidently scope and schedule work, automatically collect client information and onboard new clients at scale.

Confidently scope work

Analyze past performance to plan and scope work with accuracy. Allocate time and budgets and understand your team’s capacity to deliver.

Automate data collection

Gather everything you need with Client Tasks and Auto-Reminders. Automatically file relevant information against the job to ensure your team has what they need.

Scale client onboarding

Standardize onboarding processes and trigger automated workflows the moment a new proposal is accepted. Take on more clients without over-stretching your team.

“Improving our onboarding process was critical if we wanted to grow. With Karbon we managed to reduce client onboarding time from 180 days to 30 days.”
Adam Slack, Two Roads

Anticipate bottlenecks

Visualize workload across teams and departments. Redistribute work to optimize staff utilization and maximize billable hours.

Automate recurring work for the future

Template detailed processes and set future work to repeat on automatic schedules. Plan efficiently and maintain quality processes as your team grows.

How Jeffreys Henry standardized all common processes across their business
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How Karbon works

2 min video

“With Karbon, we can see everything. We can share with everyone how we’re tracking, where we want to be and what we need to do to meet those goals.”

Jason Ackerman