Karbon to Optimize Work

Analyze and learn from past performance

Inform future planning decisions, improve processes, and maximize your team’s billable hours.

Monitor team performance

Team leaderboards and performance insights provide an overview of your team's output, so you know who is using their time where it’s most valuable.

Karbon performance insights dashboard

Improve inefficient processes

Standardize repeatable processes with workflow templates, identify cost-saving opportunities and focus on your most profitable services.

Identify your quality clients

Measure client satisfaction and understand client relationships to identify which clients are your best earners.

How Two Roads grew their client numbers by 60%, without increasing staff hours.
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Inform future planning

Learn from past performance to accurately budget and manage resources. Iterate on processes to deliver increasing value for your firm and your clients.

“With Karbon, we can automate the repetitive, low-value tasks. Our clients are ultimately getting better service and better value because we are more focused on the activities that add the most value.”
Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP
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How Karbon works

2 min video

“Karbon is rocket fuel for our firm... allowing us to grow at 40 – 50% year over year.”
Jeremy Allen

Jeremy Allen
System Six

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