Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

My Week

Organize your work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan outlining exactly what you need to do.

My Week dashboard in Karbon

Calm the chaos

My Week in Karbon is designed just for you. It provides a coordinated but flexible plan for how to spend your time.

Identify your responsibilities

Filter the noise to reveal only the work items you are involved with, what you are responsible for, and the context you need to plan ahead.

A Karbon work item showing personal and overall progress with due dates and status updates

Prioritize your time

Plan what work you will do this week and next and decide what you are going to work on now — with enough information to know the urgency of each item.

A stylized image of a Karbon work item being dragged from 'This week' to 'Next Week' in the My Week dashboard

Share progress

See when team members are working on something and drag your cards to communicate the same to them.

A piece of work in karbon showing progress, task count, and data about what colleagues are currently working on it

Know what’s urgent

Use smart filters to understand where to focus, without needing to dig through each work item and client.

An example of some of the filters available in Karbon: Overdue, Due this week, Ready to start, Payroll and Month-end close

Action your emails and notes

Choose what external and internal communication to add and prioritize, ensuring that everything that requires your time is part of your plan.

A cursor clicking the context menu on a piece of work in Karbon and selecting 'Add to My Week'

Coordinate your team

Manage changes in priorities and client expectations by updating when your team should be working on something from your Kanban board.

A section of the Karbon interface showing a team manager assigning work to team members
My Week has become the starting point for my prioritizing. It provides me with an overview of the work that needs to get done first.
Rivardo Van Doormalen, Finz