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Karbon for iOS

The work and communication hub for your team, now on iPhone and iPad.

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Triage your day

Karbon for iOS allows you to triage your day before you sit down to work.

  • Discuss work with your team directly on the emails, notes and tasks at hand.
  • Transform emails into personal tasks or delegate them to your team.
  • Assign notes, tasks, email and work to colleagues.
  • Swipe to clear items that don't need your attention.
  • Low-Priority filter to help you identify what's important.
  • iPhone and iPad compatible.
Phones showing Triage; Notes & Comments and Quick app actions
I can see communication between my teams when I am on-the-go and feel connected to everything that is going on with our clients right from my phone. I can easily assign an email to a colleague and know it's getting handled before I get to my computer. I love this app!
Adam Slack. Two Roads