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January 29, 2018

Copy & paste into client tasks

You most likely have checklists or tasks for your clients that you have created and use outside Karbon. Now, you are able to copy this list and paste it into Karbon to quickly turn the items into client tasks. Whether your list is in Excel, Google docs, a CSV file, virtual notepad, or another location, simply select and copy your data, and paste it into an empty client task in Karbon.

You will then be asked if you would like to keep the data as one single client task or split into several. Choose split, and Karbon will magically re-create these into a list of individual client tasks. 

Pro-tip: you can use this same method for your internal tasks too.

Template selector

When you're creating a work item from a template, it can be tough to remember the name of the template you need—particularly if your practice has created a large amount. We've made it easier for you to browse through your library, with an improved drop-down menu that allows you to look for and select whatever template you need.

Email signatures added to client task emails

By popular demand, email signatures are now added to all outgoing client task emails, including reminder emails. Take this opportunity to ensure your email signature is set up in Karbon correctly. 

Remove unwanted email addresses

Have you ever made a typo with an email address, only to have that same incorrect email address always appear in your suggestions? Now, you can easily remove these unwanted addresses so that you don't see them anymore—simply click the X next to it to delete it.

Note, this will only work for addresses that are not attached to any of your firm's contacts.

Send email shortcut—are you sure?

For the super-speedy triagers—you can quickly send an email using the keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + Return (Mac) / Ctrl + Enter (Windows). To avoid any accidents, this shortcut will now show you a pop-up asking you to confirm if you definitely want to send the email. Keep your fingers off your mouse, and send the email on its way, by clicking Return/Enter again.

New look for @mentioning colleagues

We've updated the appearance of @mentions in a new note or internal message, to make it clearer for you.

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