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About Karbon the Company

Enabling Accounting Firms Through Technology & Innovation

At Karbon, we’re inspired by the impact accounting firms have, and we’re driven by a desire to see them succeed. We give them the platform, we give them the support and knowledge, and we champion them.

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The Global Leader in Cloud Practice Management Software

We provide an award-winning, highly collaborative cloud platform that streamlines work and communication, enabling the average accounting firm using Karbon to save 16.5 hours per week, per employee.

We have customers in 34 countries and have grown into a globally distributed team with our people based throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We are well-funded, ranked #1 on G2, have a fantastic team culture, are growing rapidly, and making a global impact.

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23Kaccounting professionals using Karbon daily
3.2Mjobs completed by customers in 2022
34countries with Karbon customers

Karbon is proud to call the global accounting industry home.

Accountants play a crucial role in the global economy. They make businesses stronger and change clients' lives, in both good times and bad.

At Karbon, we're proud to support an industry that makes a positive difference in the world.

By building the world’s leading accounting practice management platform, Karbon is enabling accountants to serve their clients more effectively, feel inspired about their work, and have the peace of mind to be happier in their lives.

Karbon is built for how accountants work today and also for how they'll work in the future. Their role is evolving, and they deserve modern systems and technology to keep pace with that change.

Built with collaboration at its core, strengthened with powerful AI, and connected to a growing ecosystem of apps, Karbon is the platform to fuel the evolution of accounting.

Future-facing accountants are not just helping clients meet tax and compliance deadlines. They’re on a journey with their clients. They’re changing livelihoods, even changing lives.

Karbon is with them every step of the way, enabling their evolution.

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Our Vision

Be the vital operating system for accounting firms worldwide

We are building the vital operating system for accounting firms worldwide. An ecosystem of tools, knowledge and community.

Our platform will be the first thing our users log into at the beginning of their work day and the last thing they log out of at the end of it. In good times we are loved, in tough times we are indispensable. Karbon will be vital to the future of running a successful firm.

Our Mission

Provide innovative tools, share knowledge and facilitate connectivity to empower firms to experience practice excellence

We provide innovative tools, from the platform our product team designs and delivers, to workflow best-practices, the advice we provide in webinars, onboarding, services and thought leadership. It's not only technology that can be a tool. All of this is innovative tooling that enables the firm.

We share knowledge through the conversations we have with customers and the industry, our magazine content and social activity, and the best-practice assets we provide.

We are thought leaders in the accounting industry. We facilitate connectivity through the product with its collaboration, communication and transparency; by expanding our API and integrations with ecosystem products, services and data; and through fostering community, discussion and learning.

We empower firms to experience practice excellence through everything we do. Providing confidence, efficiency, insight and understanding. This excellence enables firms to achieve their boldest aspirations.

Our Values

Champion connectivityand embrace openness

Our product is 100% focused on open communication, connecting colleagues, and removing information silos. As a company, we work with the same value top of mind, always. We embrace visibility and open communication. We expect it from each other, express it through our actions, and enable it through our ways of working.

Elevate our customerswith excellence in everything we do

Accountants are the unsung heroes of the global economy. It’s our role to advocate for them and help elevate their public profile. We provide the tools, guidance and support so they can do their jobs with excellence. We help them deliver exceptional work and elevate themselves to be the revered professionals that they deserve to be.

Create extraordinary outcomeswith insight and determination

Delivering something simple, easy to use, and that works when you need it requires not only an enormous amount of insight; but the determination, accountability, dedication and time to do it right. We do more than just provide the obvious solutions. We challenge the status quo and draw on our experience, insight, and unparalleled knowledge of this industry to create a better way.

Be good to each otherand act with authenticity

We behave like people we’d like to work with. Be yourself, allow others to be themselves, and celebrate our differences. We accept that we won’t always agree and that constructive debate is a natural part of the journey. We work through challenges together and emerge stronger.

Make it happen with aPassion for action

We don’t wait until tomorrow. We take a moment to understand the goal, then make a meaningful stride towards it today. We are ambitious but pragmatic in how we get there. We understand risks and know when to take one. When we hit a roadblock we get creative, ask for help, reach out beyond our immediate team and find a way. Be nimble, take action, and make it happen.

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Karbon’s leaders have extensive experience in the accounting and software development industries.

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