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Automation & Efficiency for Accounting Firms

Enabled us to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

G2 Review from Paul Sweeney, Pretium Solutions

Get more done in your accounting firm by automating tasks, standardising common processes, simplifying client data collection, and scaling client onboarding.

Automate tasks and standardise processes

When teams experience day-to-day inefficiency and lack of process alignment, time is wasted, client service suffers, and growth may seem out of reach.

Karbon standardises critical processes and streamlines your workflows to give you more from every team member. Tasks are automated. Staff know exactly what to do next and how to do it efficiently. And growth becomes simple again.

UI showing a task list overview in Karbon.

Leading accounting firms use Karbon for automation and efficiency


Spend less time on coordination and reminders and more time providing valuable services

A list of workflow templates.

Standardize and streamline

Work in Karbon is driven by standardised templates, ensuring processes don’t break and quality is maintained as your team evolves and your business grows.

Use task-dependent automators to trigger workflow updates, provide an accurate reflection of progress, and keep the team on the same page.

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A client onboarding checklist.

Simplify client onboarding

Begin every client relationship painlessly. Standardizing your onboarding process with templates allows you to take on more clients and still give each one the red carpet treatment.

Integrate Karbon with other systems to trigger workflows the moment a new proposal is accepted, creating seamless efficiency for everyone.

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An auto-reminder user interface.

Automate client chasing

Let Karbon do all of the chasing for you by automating client requests and reminders. Clients become part of your workflow, so they know exactly what they need to action and you know what you are still waiting on.

The moment a client sends documents and comments, you are notified right where you need them.

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An invoice payment interface in Karbon.

Invoice and collect payments

Bring your workflows together and remove the manual steps of reconciling time, billing and work.

Using Billing & Payments in Karbon consolidates your systems, provides automation at every step, and takes hours off your billing process.

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An example email summary interface.

Work faster with Karbon AI

Create a bite-sized summary of long email conversations and internal discussions. See what’s important and actionable, before deciding if you need to dig deeper.

Provide personalised updates to your clients as their job progresses. Set a task within your workflow to automatically draft an email reflecting your progress and any other prompts you provide.

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Automation & Efficiency Features

Work TemplatesStandardise your common processes and workflows in customisable templates.Browse templates

AutomatorsCreate logical relationships and dependencies between tasks or activities.

Work SchedulerSet recurring work to repeat on automatic schedules.

Auto-remindersStop chasing clients for missing information. Karbon sends task reminders for you.

Standardised ChecklistsWork tasks and sub-tasks ensure everyone knows their own responsibility.

Billing & PaymentsConsolidate systems, automate every step, take hours off the billing process.More detailKarbon AIAutomate tasks and work faster with AI and GPT securely integrated.More detailDocument ManagementFiles and documents automatically stored and organised against clients and jobs.More detail

Customer Stories

Earn more money per hour

Our team is constantly getting more efficient. With Karbon, they have the capacity to take on more clients, spend more time at home, and earn more money per hour.

Adam Slack
Adam SlackTwo Roads

Client tasks kick-start my projects

Karbon’s automatic client tasks kick-start my projects without me needing to think about it. This means that when I am ready to start a job, I have everything I need.

Sabrina Johnson
Sabrina JohnsonEssina Business Financial Services

Our rocket booster

Karbon is our rocket booster that’s allowing us to grow at 40% to 50% year over year.

Jeremy Allen
Jeremy AllenSystem Six

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Explore other benefits of Karbon

In addition to increased automation and efficiency, Karbon customers enjoy greater visibility and better collaboration, increasing productivity and control.