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February 12, 2018

Work in Karbon is the ultimate place to view and optimize all of the jobs going on throughout your practice. But sometimes you may not want to view everything. We've made some major changes that give you more power over the way you manage your work in Karbon.

Work filters

Work filters have been introduced to give you greater control to view only the work items that are relevant to you at any given time. Customize your view so that you can see what work needs your attention, hone in so you're only seeing jobs that match what you're looking for, and save your most-used views so that you can access them quickly again.

To learn more, read our guide to using work filters.

Work list view redesigned

You'll also notice your Work list view has been given an overhaul, giving you more critical information on your screen that helps you make better-informed decisions quicker.

Similar to what you may be used to in Excel, you can customize your list view to sort by any column, or by switching columns on or off. Your new work filters and saved views can also be used in your list view.

You'll also see the new work filters and list view if you look at the work tab within a contact's profile.

Revert tasks on a piece of work

If you have a work item that was created from a template, or is part of a repeating schedule, we've made it easier to ensure you are always working off your most recent list. In your work options menu you'll now notice an option to Reset tasks. This will let you quickly revert back to the template the work was created from, or to the previous work item in the schedule.

Have an idea to make Karbon even better?

Karbon is built upon the feedback from customers like yourself. To make it easier for you to submit your ideas and feature requests, we've introduced a new form within the app. You can find it from the Help & Feedback section of your main menu.

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