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February 26, 2018

User permissions

We have introduced a new admin user permission so that you can control which team members can perform certain practice-wide actions. Each colleague now has an admin option that can be turned on or off. Non-admins will be unable to access Practice settings or export contact or work data. All existing members of your team will have their admin setting turned on (leaving them with the same access as they have now). You can learn more here.

Download all attachments

If you receive an email with multiple attachments, no longer do you have to download them one-by-one. You'll now see a Download All option, letting you save every file with one click.

More enhancements to Work

Our last #KarbonUpdate added work filters to give you more flexibility to view the work items that are most relevant to you. Based on your feedback, we've made some further improvements so that this update is even more useful for you. Enhancements include:

  • If you click away from Work, Karbon will remember your last view when you come back, even if you have not saved that view..

  • If you make changes to a saved view, you will see a more visible button allowing you to save that new view

  • Also useful when you make changes to your work view, the drop-down menu now gives you an option to revert back to the saved view you started from

We've also made some changes to the work tab on your contacts:

  • Your contact work list now includes a saved view that excludes completed work

  • If you choose to display completed work from the drop-down menu, those items will appear greyed out

  • You'll no longer see the client name column (we realized it was quite unnecessary having this column here, considering all work you're looking at is for the one client!)

  • When you're sorting by status, your work items will appear in the order of in progress, waiting, planned, completed (just like they used to)

  • If you're using the default views to only show in progress, waiting or planned work, your work items will default to sort by due date

  • If you choose to only show completed work items, your list will default to sort by completed date

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