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Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

Compare Karbon and Pixie

Only Karbon provides a truly collaborative platform to manage workflows, communicate with teams and deliver exceptional client work.

98% Service satisfaction rating
Karbon's Kanban UI

Karbon outperforms Pixie

Integrated email inbox✓✓
Collaborate with @mentions and comments✓❌
Project and task lists✓✓
Advanced workflow automation✓


Kanban board✓❌
Workflow template library✓✓
Built-in client portal✓✓
Client auto-reminders and task templates✓


Built-in CRM and client management✓✓
Document management✓✓
Time tracking and budgets✓❌
Invoicing and payments✓❌
Customizable reports and dashboards✓❌
GPT-powered AI✓✓

Why accounting firms choose Karbon over Pixie

A more robust platform

Karbon and Pixie are both practice management software solutions that help accountancy firms manage jobs, tasks, teams, clients, and communication. The key difference is that Karbon has more depth to its functionality. As a result, Karbon offers greater visibility, collaboration, efficiency, and automation in ways where Pixie falls short.

Advanced workflow tools

Karbon’s workflow tools go beyond basic task lists. With powerful task and status automators, hundreds of workflow templates, and customizable Kanban boards, Karbon’s workflow management capabilities ensure everyone is getting work done faster, better, and smarter.

Explore Karbon’s workflow features
Abstracted analytics dashboard in Karbon.

Unparalleled reporting and analytics

Your practice management solution is your accounting firm’s central source of client, team, and profitability data. It's what you need to make critical business decisions.

With Karbon’s advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can create capacity planning dashboards, analyze firm profitability, track employee performance, uncover workflow bottlenecks, and much more.

Discover Karbon's reporting capabilities
Composite UI image depicting tag filtering, messaging, and Karbon community members.

An engaged accounting community

Karbon customers gain access to the Karbon Community, an active user resource group with over 3,000 accounting professionals. In Karbon Community, you can follow the latest product updates, submit feature requests, learn accounting practice management tips, and connect with peers from around the world.

Explore Karbon Community

Experience the Karbon effect.

Employee productivity thrives with Karbon.

In 2022, all Karbon customers were invited to participate in Karbon’s Firm Usage Survey.
Of those, 35% responded.

16.5 hours

Saved on average each week

3.2 hours

Saved chasing clients

3.9 hours

Saved managing and completing work and tasks

3.2 hours

Saved reading, actioning and searching for email

4.1 hours

Saved with more efficient team collaboration

18% growth

In firm-wide productivity

A hub for it all

The visibility Karbon provides has been such a big win. Managers get a clear bird's-eye view of the work that is done across the business.

The centre of your accounting workflows

The biggest upside of Karbon is the collaborative aspects, the ability to just onto the client record and see all previous communications and manage workflows between all of the team is such a time saver! I don't need to worry if someone has saved something into a server or not!

Adam G., G2

Karbon is the best-in-class practice management software

The thing I love the most about Karbon is the conversation that it facilitates with clients. It allows us to stand behind the service level agreement and explain to clients how we're going to deliver on our promises. And Karbon gives us that transparency.

Karbon has 98% positive reviews on

G2 awards as a list of badges

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Karbon help bookkeeping, tax, and accounting practices be more productive?
  • Teams using Karbon save 16.5 hours per employee each week, on average.
  • Productivity per employee increases by 18%.
  • 9 out of 10 customers say Karbon beats all competitive products for workflow management.
How much does Karbon cost?

Karbon has three pricing plans: Team, Business and Enterprise.

Team Business Enterprise
Annually $£29/month, per user £49/month, per user Custom pricing
Monthly £44/month, per user £59/month, per user Custom pricing
*Pricing shown in GBP
How much does Pixie cost?

Pixie charges by the number of clients you have in the system, rather than the number of users.

Less than 50 clients £49/month
51-250 clients £99/month
251-500 clients £149/month
501-750 clients £199/month
751-1,000 clients £249/month
Over 1,000 clients Custom pricing
Pricing shown in GBP
Why should accounting firms choose Karbon over cheaper alternatives?

Karbon is a premium accountancy practice management tool and the pricing reflects that. Karbon offers more features with greater functionality that truly meet the workflow, communication, collaboration, and reporting needs of growing accountancy, tax, bookkeeping, and payroll firms.

Additionally, many of Karbon’s team of advisors and experts are accountants, tax preparers, accounting technologists, or previous accountancy firm owners themselves. Their industry knowledge and expertise helps ensure that you maximize the value of Karbon to meet your firm’s goals. That’s a tremendous benefit that most other accountancy practice management platforms can’t provide.

How often does Karbon release product updates?

Karbon is evolving rapidly with dozens of new features added every year and product updates released every few weeks. Karbon’s product roadmap is shaped by customers and it continues to improve based on customer suggestions and feedback.

Get started with Karbon today.