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A Karbon Framework for Practice Management

Practice Excellence for Accounting Firms

The biggest challenge accounting firm owners face isn’t how to be an accountant, but how to be an effective business owner and entrepreneur.

Karbon’s Practice Excellence framework is designed to highlight your firm’s strengths and opportunities across its business functions—and compare your results to other firms across the globe.


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What is Practice Excellence?

The Four Pillars of Practice Excellence

Karbon’s Practice Excellence framework is made up of four pillars: Strategy, Growth, Management, and Efficiency. Together, these pillars outline a roadmap that guides accounting firms on their journey to practice excellence.

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A pie chart showing the four pillars of Practice Excellence and their subcategories.

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The golden rule for accounting firms in a subscription-based economy 
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The ideal structure for the modern accounting firm 
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Selecting the right technology for the modern accounting practice 
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