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Billing & Payments for Accounting Firms

Flexible billing.
Faster payments.

Fully integrated into your accounting firm’s workflow, Billing & Payments is now in Karbon Practice Management.

Billing integrated in your workflow

Bring your workflows together and remove the manual steps of reconciling time, billing and work.

Using Billing & Payments in Karbon consolidates your systems, provides automation at every step, and takes hours off your billing process.

A stylised depiction of the billing workflow in Karbon:
It's amazing how fast I can bill through Karbon and how promptly my clients are paying. There's a great advantage with a seamless flow from the work item to the invoice.
Steve S. Wortman CPA

Flexible invoicing options

Time billing

Eliminate double handling of data or the need to export for billing and reporting. Track every billable minute with suggested time entries, and automate reporting on WIP and realisation.

Karbon UI showing a selection of fee types: Time & Materials, Fixed Fee, and Non-billable.

Fixed fee and recurring billing

Link billing plans to recurring work schedules. If you still track your time, you can automate your reconciliation reporting entirely.

Stylised Karbon UI showing a weekly payroll recurring task being assigned to a billing schedule
A dialogue in Karbon showing a setting where clients can pay by credit or bank transfer, and elect to auto-pay future invoices

Get paid faster

Automate payments with saved payment details to reduce accounts receivable.

Make it easy for your clients to pay on time and securely, and provide choice to pay by credit card or ACH direct debits.

A depiction of various ways of accessing data from Karbon visualised: In the App, Via an API call, and third party tools such as Excel, Power BI and Zapier

Real-time reporting

Understand profitability, know the cost of delivery, and accurately price your services.

Track WIP, realisation, and aged receivables with purpose-built dashboards, or build custom API solutions.

An audit trail of comments and updates on an invoice in Karbon.

Collaborate through the process

Bring more clarity and speed to your billing workflow with embedded collaboration. @mention colleagues to discuss invoice details before approving and sending. Track updates and communication with a full audit trail.

Manage receivables
with confidence

Stay in control of your revenue with a receivables dashboard. See aged receivables and unpaid invoices, and identify potential cash flow issues before they happen.

Karbon UI showing a receivables dashboard.

Customise your invoices

Add your firm’s branding and choose how data is presented. Ensure your clients understand exactly what they are being charged.

Karbon UI showing invoice customisation options: Tax rate settings, invoice branding, and invoice layout.

Billing & Payments Features

Time Tracking and TimesheetsTrack time with a built-in timer for a client or job. Review, adjust, and approve timesheets.More detailBudgetsEstimate time to allocate resources and track actuals against budgets.More detail

Custom Rates for Roles and ColleaguesCharge clients custom rates based on roles or who is doing the job.

Invoice CreationAutomate invoice creation based on the work that takes place.

Time, Fixed Fee, and Recurring BillingSet up, adjust, approve, and send your invoices the way you charge your clients.

Invoice CustomisationAdd your logo and branding, and control how data is presented to clients.

Invoice CollaborationDiscuss details with colleagues before approving and sending.

Write-On and Write-OffMake adjustments based on time, expenses and other tracked activities.

Billing RunsGenerate a batch of invoices to send or export.

Send InvoicesCreate, approve and send your invoice from the one system.

Aged ReceivablesStay on top of all outstanding accounts across all clients and work.

WIP and Realisation ReportsAutomatically report on WIP, time or fixed fee realisation, and receivables.

APIDo more with your billing data by building custom API solutions.

Karbon PaymentsManage, receive and track payments within one system.

Auto-PaymentsEnable clients to save payment details for auto-payments on future invoices.

Payment OptionsClients can pay using all major credit cards or ACH direct debit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Karbon Billing & Payments?

Karbon Billing & Payments enable you to replace disjointed tools and manual billing workflows with a connected practice management system that also manages your work, teams, clients, time, and budgets.

With your workflow and data connected throughout the lifecycle of a client engagement, you will spend less time on low-value and time-consuming tasks and spend the saved time on activities that increase your firm’s profit.

What types of billing can Karbon handle?

Currently, Karbon provides time and materials billing and fixed fee billing.

You can also set up recurring billing like a monthly subscription that includes a variety of fixed fee services like weekly payroll and monthly accounting.

Do you have a billing API?

Yes. Karbon offers an invoice API that fetches a paginated list of Invoices based on the provided sorting and filtering options. You can get started with Karbon API by following the steps outlined here

Additional billing APIs are in development and will be released in 2024.

How do I get started with Karbon Billing & Payments?

If you’re an existing Karbon customer, follow the instructions outlined in this support article to enable Billing & Payments in your Karbon account.

If you’re new to Karbon, you can sign up for a free trial or book a demo to get started here.

Get started with Karbon today.