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Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

Compare Karbon and Senta

Karbon is the only cloud-native practice management software that gives your accountancy practice what you need to grow—collaboration, automation, connectivity, insights and more.

98% Service satisfaction rating
Karbon's Kanban UI

Karbon outperforms Senta

Integrated email inbox✓❌
Collaborate with @mentions and comments✓❌
Templated job and task lists✓✓
Workflow automation✓✓
250+ best practice workflow templates✓❌
Client portal✓✓
Client reminders and tasks✓✓
CRM and client management✓✓
Document management✓✓
Time tracking and budgets✓❌
Invoicing and payments✓❌
Customisable reporting dashboards✓


GPT-powered AI✓❌

Why accounting firms choose Karbon over Senta

A more powerful and modern platform

Karbon and Senta share many similar features: task management, workflow automation, and client management. But Karbon delivers more thoughtful functionality and a superior user experience that meets the demands and expectations of a modern accountancy practice.

Collaboration and visibility at its core

Communication is at the heart of every successful accountancy firm. Karbon’s fully embedded emails, client communication timeline, @mention, and comment features allow teams to seamlessly collaborate with each other and clients in context.

You won’t need to repeatedly chase down the same information or conversations. Knowledge silos and bottlenecks are removed. Everything you need to know is available at your fingertips.

Explore Karbon's collaboration features
Abstracted analytics dashboard in Karbon.

Actionable insights

Your practice management platform is your accountancy practice’s central source of client, team and profitability data.

With Karbon’s advanced reporting and analytics tools, you can uncover critical and actionable business insights to make more informed decisions—from team capacity planning to firm-wide profitability, and much more.

Explore Karbon's reporting capabilities

An evolving product

Karbon is evolving rapidly. New features and feature enhancements are released every few weeks and customer feedback shapes the product roadmap. While it’s hard to define what makes the best accounting practice management software, Karbon is leading the way through continual product innovation and exceptional customer experience.

Explore Karbon's product roadmap

Experience the Karbon effect.

Employee productivity thrives with Karbon.

In 2022, all Karbon customers were invited to participate in Karbon’s Firm Usage Survey.
Of those, 35% responded.

16.5 hours

Saved on average each week

3.2 hours

Saved chasing clients

3.9 hours

Saved managing and completing work and tasks

3.2 hours

Saved reading, actioning and searching for email

4.1 hours

Saved with more efficient team collaboration

18% growth

In firm-wide productivity

A hub for it all

The visibility Karbon provides has been such a big win. Managers get a clear bird's-eye view of the work that is done across the business.

I think Karbon’s pricing pays for itself

I was really impressed with how much commitment—with or without us signing the agreement—Karbon showed to us as a business, and how confident Karbon was that they were the right solution for us.

Tom Li, Cloud Accounting Advisor, BKL

Karbon is the best-in-class practice management software

The thing I love the most about Karbon is the conversation that it facilitates with clients. It allows us to stand behind the service level agreement and explain to clients how we're going to deliver on our promises. And Karbon gives us that transparency.

Karbon has 98% positive reviews on

G2 awards as a list of badges

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senta’s relationship with IRIS?

Senta was acquired by IRIS in 2021 and is now part of IRIS Elements.

Unlike Senta, Karbon is 100% independent. Rather than locking you into one, enterprise software provider, Karbon offers the flexibility to pick and choose the tools your practice needs. Karbon is committed to an open ecosystem, connecting your firm to ongoing innovation and product development.

How does Karbon help bookkeeping, tax, and accounting practices be more productive?
  • Teams using Karbon save 16.5 hours per employee each week, on average.
  • Productivity per employee increases by 18%.
  • 9 out of 10 customers say Karbon beats all competitive products for workflow management.
How much does Karbon cost?

Karbon has three pricing plans: Team, Business and Enterprise.

Team Business Enterprise
Annually $£29/month, per user £49/month, per user Custom pricing
Monthly £44/month, per user £59/month, per user Custom pricing
*Pricing shown in GBP
How much does Senta cost?

Senta costs £29+VAT/month, per user on a monthly subscription or £23.2+VAT/month, per user on an annual subscription.

How can I migrate from Senta to Karbon?

Switching from Senta to Karbon is an easy process. Once you decide to make the move, the Karbon team will work closely with you to move your data, train your team, and create your client work.

What business and accounting software integrations does Karbon offer?

Karbon integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, DropBox, OneDrive, and an ever-growing suite of popular accounting apps including QuickBooks Online, Ignition, GoProposal, and more. You can also connect Karbon to over 5,000 apps through Zapier. To learn more about Karbon’s integration capabilities, visit the integrations library here.

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