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May 21, 2018

Client groups

In this update, we have introduced client groups so that you can group together people and organizations that are related by ownership or financial structure. This is a useful way of keeping track of related contacts and seeing all their work in a single view.

Any contact can be grouped with others, and you can now assign work to the client group. Your firm might make use of this if you are filing a joint tax return, need to manage a range of trusts or LLCs for one company, or simply want to group family members together.

Learn more about client groups here.

With the introduction of client groups, you can now:

Updates to the client identifier

To make it easier for you to view, the client identifier code has been moved from the contact's accounting details to their basic details. A client identifier code can also be added to a client group.

You can search for your contacts or client groups by their identifier code. Just type it into the Global search or the Contacts overview page search.

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