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February 14, 2022 Release Notes

We’ve added smart suggestions to select your email recipient for you, as well as the ability to create a new contact when sending Client Tasks. You’ll also find a handful of other useful updates.

February 14, 2022 Release Notes

Email smart suggestions

When sending emails from a work timeline, Karbon will suggest and display relevant email addresses in the ‘To’ field, based on the details of that work item. This includes emails associated with the contact assigned to the work, emails already on the timeline, and the email address the Client Tasks are being sent to.

Similarly, when sending emails from a contact timeline, Karbon will suggest the emails associated with the contact, including secondary email addresses.

More information on the smart suggestion rules

Create a new contact when sending Client Tasks

You can now create a new contact while setting up Client Tasks to send. This saves you time and clicks, versus needing to create a contact separately.

Share emails with a direct URL

You can now share an exact email conversation from your Triage with a URL. Navigate to the options menu (...) of a specific email, and select Copy Conversation Link.

To be able to view this, your colleagues must be Karbon users in your organization with pre-existing access to the email.

Contact exports update

Contact exports now include an export of Client Groups. This includes a Client Members tab that lists all the members associated with Client Groups.

On top of that, exports of all contacts now include a column for Client Group.

Connect4 integration

Karbon now integrates with Connect4, a meeting management tool designed to turn every meeting into an actionable client experience.

With this integration, you can:

  • Turn Connect4 client meeting actions into Karbon tasks.

  • Easily reference assigned tasks across your team to ensure no client work is missed for delivery or upsell before the next meeting.

  • Create a consistent meeting workflow of template agendas, meeting minutes and actions for every client meeting with your team.

  • Start meetings quickly with your clients in Connect4 using your Karbon contact database.

Learn more and get started

Other updates

  • You can now click and open URLs within task titles.

  • Your sent folder in Triage now displays who you sent the email to, rather than ‘Me’.

  • You can now access the options menu (...) for Notes when they are in the collapsed view in Triage.

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