Karbon for Accounting Firms

Work management software for your accounting firm.

Increase your firm’s capacity to deliver on time and budget. Align your firm with a single place to communicate and collaborate on work.

Karbon in your accounting firm.

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Manage remote teams.

Karbon provides visibility across local and remote teams alike with powerful collaboration tools, email sharing and privacy controls.

Visibility across work in progress.

Every actionable item is accounted for with collaborative workflows. Sitting next to you or on the opposite side of the world—everyone knows their responsibility.

Timelines of client communication.

Empower your team to manage client relationships efficiently. All communication between staff and clients is automatically organized.

Control access to information.

Flexible privacy levels control the information team members can access. Everyone has what they need to deliver, while you stay in control of your data.

“Karbon gives us greater visibility and accountability. We can now see who owns something and what conversations are being had.”
Catherine Catherine, Armanino

Understand team capacity.

Make better-informed decisions based on output, status, capacity and client behavior.

Track staff utilization and capacity.

Estimate time and budgets for work. Compare tracked time against estimates. Report on billable hours and utilization.

Identify bottlenecks before they occur.

Customizable work dashboards provide visibility across workstreams. Identify issues before they arise and adjust priorities to ensure every client deadline is met.

Better-informed hiring decisions.

All work is managed in one place so you know who is working on what, who is at capacity, what jobs are in the queue and when it’s time to grow the team.

“Karbon allows me to sleep well knowing that what we’ve promised as an accounting business, we’re delivering.”
Timothy Munro, Change Accountants & Advisors

Implement standard operating procedures.

Standardized processes and efficient workflows keep everyone aligned to the same goals across teams, departments and locations.

Industry best practice.

Karbon comes with an extensive knowledge base of procedures for accounting, tax, audit and advisory.

Customize to each client’s needs.

Build powerful templates for operating procedures and customize them to the unique needs of specific clients.

Maintain efficient workflows.

Every process can be documented, implemented across your firm, and adjusted as you identify improvements.

“Previously every staff member was doing the same thing a little differently. By developing templates in Karbon we now have a base for all our work processes.”
Joanna Alpe, Jeffreys Henry LLP

Automate data collection.

Karbon’s client collaboration tools do the client chase for you. Less time spent on admin allows more time to spend on providing valuable services.

End the client chase.

Whatever your staff require to get their work done, Karbon collects it automatically with schedulable requests and auto-reminders.Calculate time savings

An automatic workflow engine.

The moment a client sends a document or asks a question the right staff member is notified and the work status is automatically updated.

Automate the basics, focus on the complex.

Clients know exactly what they need to action, you know what you are still waiting on and your team has more time to spend adding real value to your clients.

“Karbon has made our clients more prompt and changed our relationship with them. This has saved us hours and hours of time.”
Billy Lacey, Ipsum Advisors

Improve client satisfaction.

Karbon helps your firm provide world-class client service, build enduring client relationships and expand your margins.

Information at your fingertips.

Gain visibility into your client relationships. Know what they are saying, who is happy and anticipate the service your clients need.

Automate low-value tasks.

Automatic data collection, email filing and workflows give your staff more time for meaningful conversations.

Provide high-value services.

Karbon consolidates all client communication so you are better-informed and your team can focus on adding the most value.

“Karbon allows us to take a step back, look at our clients’ situations from a high level and have deeper conversations with them.”
Jeff Jobson, Catalyst
“Karbon allows the entire client team to know what is happening without extra time and extra communication. It has dramatically streamlined that transfer of knowledge.”

Melissa Stout