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October 18, 2021

My Week

My Week in Karbon is how you organize your work, tasks and email into a manageable action plan, outlining exactly where you need to spend your time and when.

This new feature will begin rolling out to all Karbon accounts over the coming weeks, beginning today. Learn more, and join a live demo to see My Week in action for the first time.

My Week in Karbon is designed just for you. It provides you with a coordinated but flexible plan of how you should spend your time, so you can:

  • Identify your responsibilities

  • Prioritize your time

  • Share your progress

  • Know what’s urgent

  • Action your emails and notes

  • Coordinate with your team

To make it easy for you to begin using My Week, you can refer to these resources and frequently asked questions:

Other updates:

  • You can now move Client Tasks between Client Task sections in work templates with a drag & drop. 

  • When all tasks in a section are marked complete, that section will automatically appear collapsed the next time you open that work item.

  • You can now close Triage items by pressing ‘Escape’ on your keyboard (in addition to existing ways to close items).

  • Add an email to a work item and clear it with a single click. Karbon will remember the previous action you have taken, so it will suggest either ‘Add’ or ‘Add & clear’ based on your last interaction.

  • You can now filter your Triage by emails involving contacts or not involving contacts.

Get started with Karbon today.