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May 30, 2022

Today’s Karbon update includes the ability to multi-select a group of items in bulk. The new Document Management functionality has also been enhanced—now you can drag and drop files directly into comments, emails and the Documents tab in work items.

Updates to multi select

You can now bulk select multiple items that are listed together in Triage or My Week with fewer clicks.

Select the top item, hold Shift and select the bottom item, and all items in between will be selected too. In Triage, this means greater control with bulk-clearing, and in My Week, you now have more flexibility over how you plan and manage your work.

Check out Karbon's other keyboard shortcuts here.

Drag and drop

Last week, we released Document Management and in this release, we’ve given you the ability to drag and drop files directly into Karbon. Simply drag and drop your attachments directly into comments, emails and the Documents tab within your work items, without the need to select the paperclip icon and browse your computer.

We will continue to make enhancements to this functionality, including integrations with more Document Management Systems, including OneDrive coming soon.

Karbon Academy

We have recently launched a new and improved Karbon Academy, home to our in-depth Karbon Certification learning program.

Now, you will also find our Right For Me learning program. This option offers core education content for Karbon users as an alternative to the full Certification program. When beginning the Right For Me program, you will be guided through qualifying questions to help build a customized learning track for your specific needs.

To access Karbon Academy, select 'Academy' from the main left navigation menu in Karbon.

Recent API enhancements

To learn more about our recent API enhancements, refer to our API release notes.

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