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July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

OneDrive added to document management

Document management now integrates with Microsoft OneDrive as well as Dropbox Business. This gives you more flexibility to connect your account to Karbon and manage client work files from a single source of truth. 

If you're a Karbon customer, register for one of our upcoming global webinars, where we’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Connect your own DMS

  • Automate your file organization and backups straight from Karbon

  • Copy work data from Karbon, including email, notes, and client tasks, to keep everything in sync with your DMS

Session 1: Wednesday July 20, 9.00am PDT | 12.00pm EDT

Session 2: Wednesday July 20, 11.30am AEST

Session 3: Wednesday July 20, 4.00pm GMT

And if you’re not a Karbon customer yet, register below to find out how document management can work for your firm.

Start a free 14-day trial and put it to the test.

Session 1: Friday July 22, 9.00am PDT 

Session 2: Friday July 22, 12.00pm AEST

Enhancements to My Week

Starting the timer on a piece of work from within My Week will automatically move it into 'Working on Now' to make it easier for your team to see what you're working on, so they can plan effectively. 

We have also increased pagination to 100 items, so you can see more information on your screen at one time.

Updates based on feedback directly from Karbon Community

We’ve added additional functionality from feedback received by our customers via Karbon Community, specifically to contacts, work, and Time & Budgets that will make the smallest things just that much easier.


  • UK customers can now choose Unincorporated Charity and Housing Association as entity types in Organisations > Details > Accounting Details

  • When creating a new contact, we’ve added a field for ‘client identifier’ for those accounting firms requiring that rigor. To enable this, simply speak to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team ( Once the field is enabled in Settings, every time a new contact is created, the field will need to be populated before the contact can be saved. 

  • Phone numbers on contacts are now clickable directly from the contact card, saving you an extra click to access the information you need.


  • When exporting data, ‘work type’ was previously only available in the ‘All work in this view’ option in the export menu. Thanks to customer feedback, it’s available in the ‘Repeating work schedules’ option too.

  • You were already able to ‘copy a conversation link’ in email and tasks, but now we have taken it one step further and added that functionality to notes.

  • You’ll notice that the task overflow action menu has been reordered in-line with how our customers work, with the goal to improve workflow.

Time & Budget

  • The character limit for time entry notes has increased from 300 to 600. Plus, a snippet of your note will now display, rather than the entire entry, saving space on your screen. To read the rest of the snippet, you can click the ellipsis (...).

  • Karbon now remembers the previous task type selected in the time entry modal and timer regardless of where you are in Karbon.

  • The work item ID is now a downloadable field and has been added to timesheets. When you export the data, the column will be identified as ‘Work ID’. 

Coming soon: Calendar

My Week’s two-way calendar integration with Google, Outlook, or Exchange calendars

My Week just got more powerful. Stay focused and plan your today, tomorrow and beyond with oversight into your work with a calendar integration right in Karbon.

Recent API enhancements

Work item: Type and Status

New search filters for work type and status allow you to focus on exactly the data you want to see in large sets of work items by retrieving matches to your criteria, so there is no need to re-filter.

Improved search

Previously, search included only exact matches, but now it’s faster to search in contacts: Start typing three letters and Karbon will return a list of partial matches for full name, email address or phone number, making it easier to find the information in a hurry.

For other API releases see the Karbon Developer Center

Previous releases

If you missed an update, you can still see a list of what we released in Karbon.

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