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Dec 19, 2022

You can now combine tax and compound rates, amend invoice details, validate addresses and more.

Billing and payments beta update

Karbon Billing and Payments is currently being beta tested and will be released to all customers later this year.

If you would like to be part of our beta testing group, please sign up now

Combined tax rate

In Settings > Billing, you can set up combined tax and compound rates. By clicking ‘Add Combined Tax Rate’, you can choose a name, the individual tax rates that will make up the rate, and if the rate will be displayed as combined or separately on the tax summary of the invoice.

Invoice presentation

Each invoice is now displayed in a 'Presentation' tab next to 'Data'. This allows you to see the invoice before it’s sent to your client as a PDF. You can preview your firm’s branding as well as make any changes to: 

  • Payment due date

  • Payment instructions

  • Tax rate per billable item

Invoice Preparation Screen

Address validation

A banner has been added to identify missing information for any given contact (e.g. an address and/or email address). It will display in the Presentation tab with a link to update the contact details. 

A banner will also display if your firm address is missing. Go to Settings> Account Settings and enter the firm's address before approving additional invoices.

This will allow you to send accurate and fully-compliant invoices in your region (when this functionality is live).

Invoice missing details

Additional improvements

  • To give you more context when making billing decisions on an invoice, a ‘Billable Item Summary” heading has been added to the Data tab 

  • Write on and off for Fixed Fee work items will now be based on any time entries on the work. When the Fixed Fee work is set to 'Final Bill' and there are time entries recorded on the work, the amount from the time entries will be used to set the write on and off. 

  • Invoices are now identified as KIN-XXXX. This is in preparation for when we add other types of Billing Items such as Credit Notes = KCR-XXXX.

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