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August 25, 2019

Today's update includes several work filtering improvements that will make sorting through your team's work items easier.

New work filter: Colleagues Involved

Filters in Work give you the control to hone in and view the work items that are relevant to you. You can add filters on top of one another to create a customized dashboard, and save it to come back to in the future.

Based on your feedback, we have added a new filter for "Colleagues Involved". Applying this filter will only show work items that the colleagues you select (or teams of colleagues) are involved in. For this filter, "involvement" means anyone on the work team (assigned tasks, emails and notes related to the work or assigned the work itself).

You'll find this useful when you want to see what work items a staff member is working on in any capacity, even if they are not the work assignee.

Show/hide completed work

To make it easier to choose whether or not completed work items are displayed on your view of work, a "Display completed work" toggle has been added in the View Setup menu.


If you want to come back to the view that you have created, whether that includes the filters you have applied, or the choice on showing or hiding completed work items, don't forget to save your view.

Smarter Kanban when applying the Work Type filter

Recent improvements to Workflow Settings mean that some statuses are not applicable to certain work types. As a result, when you apply a Work Type filter and sort your Kanban board by status, columns for any statuses that do not apply to the work types you have selected are not displayed.

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