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November 8, 2021

Multi-select in Triage

You now have greater control when clearing items in bulk from Triage, with the ability to individually select and then bulk clear.

Bulk clearing items by time grouping (i.e. ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, ‘October’, etc.) has been updated with the ability to hand-pick the exact items you want to clear using a multi select checkbox.

For example, if you wanted to clear all items from October except two emails, you can select all items from October with one click, and then simply deselect the two emails (rather than having to individually clear each item from October, except the two emails).

Add a note directly to My Week

After the successful roll out of My Week to all Karbon users, it has received a minor update. You can now create and assign a note directly from the ‘This Week’ section in My Week. It will automatically appear in your ‘This Week’.

If you create a note from outside My Week, such as with the global + icon in the top right anywhere in the Karbon app, you will need to add it to My Week as a separate action.

If you haven’t yet explored My Week, you can learn more about the basics, how to get started, and how My Week differs from To-do, in this introductory video.

Updates to @ mentions

When you belong to a team in Karbon, and that team is @ mentioned, you will receive a notification in your Triage that says ‘Your team has been mentioned’. When you have been mentioned as an individual, it will say ‘You’ve been mentioned’.

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