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Respond to meeting or event invitations in Triage

Connecting your calendar in Karbon will ensure you can respond to meeting invites directly via Triage. Responding with your preference to the meeting or event will automatically be added to your calendar. You can change your response at any time by clicking on the calendar event in My Week.

Karbon Practice Intelligence PowerBI workbook

Analyze budget to plan for inefficiencies

We’ve added another workbook to Practice Intelligence. The budget workbook allows you to perform a detailed analysis and look at the budget retrospectively.  Have visibility and answer critical questions about potential reasons that actual time/cost are over the budgeted amounts, view active work items that are already over budget to look for efficiencies, and plan accordingly. 

Use filters for work types, team members, and work item status directly in Karbon to explore detailed information and understand which clients are over (or close to going over) budget.

Document management

Auto-create new folders for repeating work items

Repeating settings for work items is used to set and forget work items that need to be repeated on a regular basis. Document management users in Karbon, can automatically create the required folders in your Document management system and start copying work files when a repeating work item is started (ie. when tasks and budgets are created for the work). This will ensure that you are always on track with up-to-date information in your folders which avoids confusion, making it easier to navigate for everyone in your firm.

To configure, we have added a new section in Repeat settings > Connected folder to auto-create folders. 

My Week

View information faster with an overlay in your calendar

Similar to the work overlay released earlier this month, this functionality has been added to the calendar. After you drag and drop a work item into the calendar, you can view event descriptions in an overlay via the work title. This will enable you to work faster and view critical information about work items, directly on the calendar.

Previous releases

If you missed an update, you can still see a list of what we released in Karbon. For API releases, see the Karbon Developer Center.

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