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October 22, 2018

Today we have released new tasklist Automators, giving you the ability to create rules that trigger actions dependant on your task activity.

Tasklist Automators

Tasklist Automators allow you to apply ‘if this then that’ rules to task sections in your work items and templates. The status of tasks or a work item can be set to automatically update based on the activity of other tasks. These rules can also be applied to your Client Tasks.

There are endless ways you can use these Automators to help you work more efficiently—whether you have tasks that cannot begin until those before it have been completed, you are waiting on a client to complete their tasks, or your work item needs review.

Setting up Automators will also give you an accurate dashboard of all the work that matters to you, and show you every single task you're responsible for that is ready to work on.

To learn more about creating tasklist Automators, read our full guide.

New email icons

In Karbon, there are a lot of extra details that can be associated with an email thread. As well as attached files and multiple emails in the thread, it can also have internal comments, an assignee, and an associated work item and contact.

To make it easier to see all these important details at-a-glance, we've introduced helpful new icons.

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