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July 3 2017

Today we have released the following updates to Karbon:

Revert work back to template

For all Work that’s been created from a Template, you now have the option to “Revert to Template”. Clicking this option will replace all Tasks on the piece of work with those from the Template. You’ll find this really useful if you make changes to a Template after creating Work from it.

Change Work option

Once an email has been attached to Work, the email information tray now includes an option to “Change Work”. This button lets you move an email from one piece of work to another.

Client tasks update

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some improvements to Client tasks to make it even easier for your clients to understand and complete the items you assign them. These updates include:

  • Rewording of the Client task emails, with some clearer text explaining what to do

  • On your client's view of their tasks, we’ve made it clearer to see how to upload files, post comments and complete tasks. A link to a client help page has also been added.

  • For all emails and screens your clients see, we now refer to a “Checklist”, rather than Tasks.

More on what your client see when you send them tasks here

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