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Shared Inbox for Accounting Firms

A shared inbox for collaboration, efficiency, and client satisfaction

Improve your email workflow by collaborating in shared inboxes with your team. Elevate your client experience with timely responses to every conversation.

A partial screenshot of the shared inbox user interface.

Unify your email management

Connect your shared inboxes to Shared Triage in Karbon to manage and collaborate in a single platform.

Your personal inbox and shared inbox are side-by-side in Karbon, allowing you to manage all communication efficiently, in one place.

User interface depicting sharing settings for a team in Karbon.

Collaborate on shared emails with your team

Foster teamwork and clarity with @mention in comments to loop the right colleagues into important conversations.

Collaborate internally and align on next steps to ensure you’re responding to clients with the ideal message.

User interface showing assignment of an email to a team member.

Turn email into client satisfaction

Create a project from a shared email. Assign important emails to colleagues with due dates. Or attach emails to client or work timelines.

Karbon’s shared email workflow capabilities ensure every team member is crystal-clear on their responsibilities and every client receives prompt follow-up.

User interface demonstrating the prompt-based AI email composition feature.

Use AI to communicate and collaborate faster

Save time on reading and writing emails with GPT-powered Karbon AI. Compose email drafts based on prompts, or generate bite-sized summaries of long email threads and team discussions on shared emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Karbon’s shared inbox feature work?

Karbon’s shared inbox feature, called Shared Triage, allows you to connect additional email inboxes to Karbon and invite team members to collaborate on and manage these shared inboxes.

What type of shared email inbox can be connected to a Shared Triage?

Karbon integrates directly with Gmail and Outlook. You can connect any primary email accounts from Gmail and Outlook to a Shared Triage.

How many shared inboxes can be connected?

You can connect as many shared inboxes as you’d like. They just need to be a primary email from Gmail or Outlook.

How many colleagues can be added to a Shared Triage?

You can add one or as many colleagues as needed to a Shared Triage.

What shared email workflows are available in Shared Triage?

Karbon’s Shared Triage offers many powerful email workflows such as assigning emails to colleagues, adding emails to a project and client timeline, adding internal comments and @mentioning colleagues on emails, and creating new projects from shared emails.

How much does it cost to connect a shared inbox?

The pricing for connecting a shared inbox varies based on your country. Below is a full breakdown of the pricing for each connected shared inbox per month:

  • Australia: $10 AUD/mo
  • Brazil: R$30 BRL/mo
  • Canada: $10 CAD/mo
  • Europe: €10 EURO/mo
  • UK: £7 GBP/mo
  • Mexico: $172 MXD/mo
  • New Zealand: $10 NZD/mo
  • US: $10 USD/mo
  • South Africa: R199 ZAR/mo

If you’re a US-based firm and you would like to connect 5 shared inboxes to Karbon, the total monthly cost would be $50USD.

Why is it beneficial for accounting firms to have shared inboxes?

Shared inboxes boost efficiency in accounting firms by ensuring team collaboration, breaking down email silos, and enabling faster, more organised responses to client inquiries.

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