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Customer Case Study

Logistis are scaling like never before

Logistis are accountants for creatives. They help viable projects come to life, and worry about the numbers so their clients can focus on what they do best.

Clients based in creative industries require an agile accounting firm—one that can keep up with fluctuating work and circumstances. Logistis does just that.

But keeping up with creative clients can be time consuming, leaving little time to focus on the accounting practice itself.

That's where Karbon comes in for Logistis.

I love everything about Karbon. But most of all, Karbon allows me to remove myself from client work and focus on working on the business instead of micro-managing my team.

Marissa Jones, Logistis

Karbon has given Marissa the time, freedom and confidence to focus on the parts of her firm that need refinement in order to take that next step.

Since adopting Karbon, I can grow and scale like never before.

Marissa Jones, Logistis

Key Results

Karbon in one word: 'Life-changing'

50% productivity increase