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Customer Story

How CRC is providing meaningful client interactions

The team at CRC (Compere Robinette CPAs) diligently works to make a difference in their clients' lives by simplifying their accounting and administrative burdens—allowing them to focus on their 'why'.

Taking over the firm from a sole owner-operator, Gary Wood understood the need to transform CRC. He sought out the best solutions to standardize and scale his accounting practice.

The very first thing that Karbon solved for us was giving us visibility into client communication. Karbon broke down all those walls.

Gary Wood, CRC

By providing untapped visibility into client communication, Karbon was able to help Gary uncover every inch of what was happening throughout CRC.

And with that, it enabled him to focus on what truly matters: meaningful relationships.

I don’t feel bogged down because Karbon gives me my time back and really allows me to be fully present with my relationships. Everything is perfectly placed in Karbon, I see things when I need to and I'm not thinking about them all day.

Gary Wood, CRC