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October 22, 2017

Triage redesigned

We always say that Triage is like your supercharged inbox, since you can not only view your emails, but also action them and access all other notifications and activities that require your attention. But what if we could help you triage these faster, so you can spend less time reviewing emails and more time getting the job done?

In today's release, the first thing you'll notice is that more elements fit the same screen. This new design provides a condensed view of all your emails and notifications.

The second thing you'll notice is more information surfaced per item, allowing you to scan your emails and notifications faster. For example, when attachments are included in an email, or if an email or note has been assigned to a colleague or attached to a piece of work.

Anatomy of an email notification

Finally, you'll find new icons in the sender's avatar to denote whether the item is an email, an assignment or a comment in or completion of a client task.

We hope this new design will help you triage items faster, and in the end be more productive.

Contacts revamped

Contacts also had a refresh, with the full contact list displaying more information at your fingertips than just name and email: you can now see key details like phone, related contacts (be it people or organizations), contact type and work details (how many work items does your firm have for each contact, per status.)

Contact types

You might have a list of people and organizations in Karbon with whom you communicate regularly, but they are not all the same, are they?

So in this release we are introducing Contact Types, so you can define the relationship your firm has with a contact. Types also become handy, so you can filter your contact list by a specific type (for example, clients.)

Note: if you'd like to bulk update your clients types, please let us know.

As a default you'll have Clients, Prospects and Suppliers, but you should define these to suit your firm's needs.

People vs Organizations

We have also updated the avatars to distinguish between organizations and people, especially handy when you have a person and an organization with the same name.

New header

Finally, you'll notice a new header for Contacts. Again, more compact, and with a dropdown that gives you easier access to all subsections. We will start rolling out this new header progressively across the app.

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