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October 18, 2020

Time & Budgets is now active in every Karbon account on Business or Enterprise plans.

Time & Budgets is the biggest Karbon update yet, and allows you to manage estimates, actuals, timesheets and analysis in the same place as your work and collaboration.

Because Time & Budgets is embedded in your workflow, it unlocks hidden profitability for your firm. Compare your budgets against actual progress already occurring in Karbon. Identify your most (or least) effective clients and staff members. Use automatic time-entry suggestions based on the activities Karbon already tracks. And lots more.

To make it easy for you to begin using this new functionality you can refer to these resources and frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

I'm on the Team plan. How do I access Time & Budgets?

Time & Budgets is included in all Karbon accounts on Business and Enterprise plans. If you are on the Team plan and interested in using this new functionality, reach out to us to discuss upgrading your account.

How do I find out what plan I'm currently on?

You can determine what Karbon pricing plan your practice is signed up to by navigating to Settings > Subscriptions.

Where has my existing estimated time gone?

Estimated time is now part of Budgets in the new Time & Budgets functionality. This is not available for customers on the Team plan.

Can I trial Time & Budgets if I'm on the Team plan?

At this stage no, but you can upgrade for a week to see if you like it. If you then decide you'd prefer to continue on the Team plan, that's fine. Reach out to us to discuss this.

Can I use TSheets with Time & Budgets in Karbon?

Yes, you can. This guide will help you set up TSheets with your Karbon account.

Has the TSheets integration changed?

Yes, the TSheets integration has been upgraded as part of this new functionality. Things to note:

  1. You must have Custom fields turned on in TSheets (if you are doing this for the first time, you'll need to Save & Sync your connection again).

  2. Time entries now include the option to identify a Role and Task Type

  3. The Time tab is now called Time & Budget

  4. Now, time from the previous 6 months and all time going forward will be saved

Why can't I see Fees or Estimates anywhere in Karbon?

Only users with the 'View dollar amounts' user permission are able to view dollar amounts. Learn more about user permissions in Karbon, and how to update these.

Is a stopwatch timer available in Karbon?

The first release of Time & Budgets in Karbon does not include a stopwatch timer. This is in our future plans.

Can you add and edit time for another user? 

No, you can’t unless you are a time admin. Learn more here.

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