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November 19, 2018

Today we have released some helpful improvements to some of the most-used areas of Karbon. These updates will save you time, give you more control over data, and even improve the experience you give your clients.

Add a contact to an organization the same time you create them

When you create a new contact, you often want to link them to an organization too. No longer do you need do this separately—we've updated the functionality so that you can do this in one simple step.

If you create a new person, you can add them to an existing organization, or create that as well. And it also works the other way around—when you create a new organization you'll also have the option to link to a new primary contact (person).

Client Tasks get a face-lift

We've made some visual updates to what your contact sees when they access their Client Tasks. Their unique view has been redesigned to make it cleaner, friendlier and easier-to-navigate.

Export your filtered view of work

Earlier this year we introduced filters to let you apply criteria to your work view so that you only see the items that are most important. Today, we've updated the work export tool so that you can download whatever work items are showing in your current view, rather than every work item. This makes it much easier to sort through your work items that matter.

Completing a work item from To-do gives the option to complete all tasks too

If you mark a work item as complete from your To-do section that contains incomplete tasks, you'll now be presented with an option to mark these tasks as complete or leave them as is. This functionality was already available from the work item itself, but has now been rolled out to your to-do list.

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