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May 9, 2022

A fast tracked way to add and update your contacts in bulk

You now have the ability to fast track updates to your contacts in bulk and add contacts in bulk for free with a two-step process.

To do so, navigate to Contacts via the main left menu. On the top right, select ‘Export/Import’ and select ‘Download Bulk Contact Update File’.

A screenshot of the Export/Import menu in Karbon. The cursor is hovering over 'Download Bulk Contact Update File'.

This will download an Excel spreadsheet containing your contacts’ information, ready for you to make your updates (including detailed instructions about how to use the spreadsheet).

Once your updates are complete, navigate back to ‘Export/Import’ in Karbon and select ‘Upload Bulk Contact Update File’. A chatbot will instruct you to hand over your updated Excel file, and a Karbon team member will import your updated client data.

A reminder about features in beta

The growing Karbon product team is a hive of activity, working to provide you with strong and  innovative features and updates to Karbon.

To participate in the current and upcoming beta programs, you can register here:

Learn more about each of these exciting features on our recent roadmap webinar.

Commencez dès aujourd'hui à utiliser Karbon.