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March 19, 2018

A key component of capacity planning and resource allocation is being able to estimate and analyze how long a particular job will take. To enable this in Karbon, this week's #KarbonUpdate introduces time estimates and budgets on your work items.

Time estimates and work budgets

Track how long you expect a piece of work to take, assign a dollar value to it, and analyze this information to make better-informed decisions across your entire practice.

Read the guide on estimating and managing work budgets.

Customize your Kanban board cards

You can now choose how much (or how little) information is shown on the cards for each work item on your Kanban board. This is another step that makes your Kanban board more powerful and flexible.

Add URLs in the accounting details of your Contacts

You can now add clickable URLs and other formatting options to the notes in every section of your contacts' accounting details.

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