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April 8, 2019

With this release, we have upgraded all Triage items to display more information and context to help you make decisions before you expand them.

Emails in Triage have always done a reasonable job of providing context to help you understand what it is about before you expand the email. Who it is from, what it is about, what work it belongs to etc.

Now the same applies to tasks, notes and work assignments. You can instantly see who it is assigned to, previews of comments, unread message counts, mentions and attachments and the title of the task or note.

Besides the extra information available you will also notice a new look to Triage items, giving them a more uniform and scannable appearance, and more use of color to help distinguish different types of activity and content.

These Triage improvements also pave the way for the new Triage iPhone app hitting the AppStore soon.

We hope you find the enhanced Triage useful and can't wait to share the new Triage iPhone app — more on that in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Triage items.
Watch Sara demonstrate the enhancements to Triage in this recording from her webinar.

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