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8 February 2016

The recent updates to Karbon include:

Searching for email contacts
Email addresses for people you've emailed before now show up in your searches when choosing who to send an email to, even if they're not a practice contact.

New filter on work lists
Thanks to your feedback, we've updated work lists so when you drill into a list of work in progress, planned or waiting you can filter it to only show work assigned to you, a colleague or everyone.

See the BCC/CC in your email recipients
You can now see which participants in an email were CC'd or BCC'd. Just click on the '& x others' link at the top of an email to expand the list of recipients. This is the first step towards being able to CC and BCC people when sending email from Karbon. Thank you for your patience!

Completing a checklist item on planned work
When you complete a checklist item on a piece of work with a status of "Planned", it will now automatically update the work status to "In Progress". One of several small features we are working on that will hopefully save you a few extra clicks.

Schedule recurring work' has been renamed to 'Repeat work'
There was some confusion about this feature so we've renamed it to better reflect the functionality. If you do work for a client that repeats frequently, such as monthly payroll, set up the first one then go to 'Repeat work' in the options menu, choose how often the work should repeat and Karbon will create as many copies of the work as you choose, planing out work for a client for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. If you prefer to only plan work one month ahead you can still use 'Repeat work' to create a copy of the previous month, complete with assignee and checklists.

Commencez dès aujourd'hui à utiliser Karbon.