Advanced workflows: Team management


This second session in the advanced workflow management series explores techniques to manage your team, maintain visibility over what they are working on, and set a process for constant improvement.

Based on the techniques implemented by best-in-class firms, learn:

  • Operating mechanisms to manage your team: daily standups, weekly recaps, monthly review, quarterly meetings

  • Meeting management: schedule, data capture, and follow-up

  • The differences and use-cases for Karbon work items versus to-do items

  • Quarterly goal setting, scoring, and review (OKRs)

Advanced Workflows is a five-part series outlining the theory and best practices behind advanced workflow management, and how your firm can implement these using Karbon.

With the techniques and use-cases outlined in this series, you'll be equipped to take your Karbon usage to the next level—work better as a team, give your clients better service, and make some serious efficiency gains.

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